Do you Know every year many deaths occur with Pneumonia?

1. Percentage of deaths in pneumonia is 8.2%.

2. Yes, It is more than COVID. but, we can prevent them with Vaccination.

* Flu Shot (Tetravalent Influenza Vaccine)

* Pneumovax

Who should take?

* Every one above 6 months.

Planning for a FLU SHOT ?

But scared to go to a clinic,
We are there
We will come to your home and give a Flu shot (Minimum 2 shots)

Do you know we can prevent Cervical cancer with vaccination?

Yes, HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) causes cervical, vaginal in Females , Penis in men, Oral Cancer in both Male & Female.

Who should take?

1. All Girls & Boys between 9 to 26 years

2. Females > 26 years also can take(after doctors advice)

Other Vaccines Available

1. Hepatitis A&B Vaccination

2. Typhoid Vaccination

3. Chicken Vaccination

4. Rota Virus

5. MMR Vaccination

6. Meningococcal Vaccine

7. Dog bite Vaccine

8. Haemophillus influenza

All children & Adult Vaccination available.